Flavors, emotions, feelings

Our cuisine is both local and cosmopolitan


We work with local and global products of the highest quality, controlling the quality of the raw material from the producer until it reaches our kitchen.


Located in an exceptional marine place, with fishing tradition, our cuisine is based on seafood that you are one of our gastronomic pillars.


We use the latest culinary techniques and apply it to canaries fantastic ingredients, creating what we might call the new Canarian cuisine. Introduce new products is our mission.

Galardonado con una estrella en la guía Michelin 2019
Galardonado con dos soles en la Guía Repsol

Our environment

Los Gigantes
A unique place

We are located on the island of Tenerife, specifically in Los Gigantes, near a geographical wonder such as the Cliffs of the Giants. Since the beginning our vision was to create a restaurant at the height of the place, considered one of the beauties of the Canary Islands. For this we have worked hard creating our own style without ever turning our backs on our origins and the gastronomic traditions of the place.


We are a BIG family

Juan Carlos Padrón


Jonathan Padrón


Raquel Navarro


María José Plasencia